Lived To Tell The Tale

I did my interview on Radio Bristol today. It was a lot of fun. We talked entirely about science fiction and fantasy. I got to do plugs for BristolCon and the London Worldcon, and name check a whole bunch of people. I also got to rant a little about the lack of women writers on Waterstones’ shelves.

The programme is available for replay here for the next seven days. Sadly my bit is 2 hours & 15 mins into a 3 hour show, and the BBC Listen Again feature does not appear to allow you to fast forward through a show. I will forgive you if you don’t want to listen all the way through just to hear me.

[Update: I’m being told that it is possible to fast forward through the broadcast if you are patient. Probably you have to wait for the whole thing to download. Or maybe it is browser-dependent. Anyway, if you can, start from around 2 hours 5 minutes then skip the Rubettes.]

On the other hand, I have listened to the whole thing, and Richard Lewis runs a tight show. Three hours in the studio is hard going, though it is a bit easier if you don’t have guests in all the time. I note that the show opens with Richard enthusing about the wonders of the theremin. He also has a very eclectic choice of music. Of the four songs he played just before I came on, two were favorites of mine. One was Mott the Hoople’s “Roll away the Stone” (though to be honest just about anything from Mott would have made me happy). The other was Albert Hammond’s “Free Electric Band”, which I’m guessing a lot of you won’t know. Here, through the magic of YouTube, is a little philosophy.

Of course the less said about Gerry Monroe’s “Sally” and The Rubettes’ “Sugar Baby Love” the better. But I guess the BBC has to make room for all aspects of British culture.

Anyway, my thanks to Richard, to his assistants Marcus and Sean, and to Cheryl the Producer. I hope I did OK, and that you’ll have me back again some day.