New Finnish Fiction from Cheeky Frawg

The fabulous VanderMeers have sent me the latest Cheeky Frawg book: Datura, by Leena Krohn (translated by Anna Volmari and Juha Tupasela). Here’s what the blurb says:

Our narrator works as an editor and writer for a magazine specializing in bringing oddities to light, a job that sends her exploring through a city that becomes by degrees ever less familiar. From a sunrise of automated cars working in silent precision to a possible vampire, she discovers that reality may not be as logical as you think ­and that people are both odder and more ordinary as they might seem. Especially if you’re eating datura seeds. Especially when the legendary Voynich Manuscript is involved. Where will it all end? Pushed by the mysterious owner of the magazine, our narrator may wind up somewhere very strange indeed.

Jeff and Ann go on to describe Krohn as “one of the most respected Finnish writers of her generation” but really she should be one the the most respected writers of her generation in any country. I am so pleased to have one of her books available in English.

And while I am here, don’t forget the fabulous bargain of the Michael Cisco omnibus. To give you a taster, The Divinity Student is being serialized on Weird Fiction Review. Check out what they have online already, and then come back and buy all four books at a knock-down price.