Two Crowdfunded Movies

First up, the Malaysian queer movie, Beg Siapa, which I blogged about last week now has its crowdfunding appeal live on Indiegogo. If you’d like to help Mien and her team make this movie happen, please do drop them a few bucks. Having followed Glenda Larke’s blog for some time, I know how brave anyone in Malaysia must be to stand up and make such a movie. I want to see them succeed.

Secondly there is an appeal on Kickstarter to make a documentary film about the life of the pioneering black trans activist (and Stonewall riots veteran), Miss Major. I have had the honor of meeting this lady, and she is indeed amazing. Plus she has been doing trans activism for 40 years. Once again, I really want to see this film get made. Please help if you can.

And even if you can’t back either project, please consider re-tweeting the link to this post so that other people who might help can see it.

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