Brighton Restaurants – Afternoon Tea

I have had a request from Twitter for suggestions of places to take Afternoon Tea in Brighton. I guess that is what one is supposed to do, especially if one is an American tourist. Please bear in mind that I have not had the opportunity to test any of these places, but I have done a bit of online research and these places look worth trying.

First up the Metropole is quite proud of its afternoon tea. If you are in a hurry this might be the best bet, because a lot of the good places are in Kemptown, the city’s gay quarter, which is a little way away. Having afternoon tea is, of course, a very gay thing to do.

The closest option, just along the sea front towards the pier, is The Mock Turtle. It is apparently the oldest tea shop in Brighton, and one of their specialties is huge donuts.

The place that gets the best reviews is Metrodeco, which affects a 1930s Paris atmosphere. They even have vintage clothes that you can rent for your visit. And they serve tea cocktails. They are at the far end of St. James’s Street so those of you allergic to walking might want to get a cab.

The other option that I have to list, even though it makes me cringe, is The Tea Cosy. You should be able to tell from the website what sort of place it is. The Times generously describes it as “Dazzlingly kitch”. If you are the sort of American who still has Charles & Diana wedding pictures on your wall, this is the place for you.