Brighton Restaurants – Money No Object

Eating out in the UK is quite expensive. If you are planning to have a three-course meal with a drink you should probably set aside at least £30. However, there are places in Brighton that cost significantly more than that, and are well beyond my pocket. For those of you who can afford something really special, here are a couple of suggestions.

Graze is a very elegant restaurant in the middle of Hove’s Regency district. You can eat there for a reasonable price at lunch time, but what they are famous for is their seven-course grazing menu. Essentially this is a sampler of their menu. You get relatively small portions for each course, but there are lots of interesting dishes. That will set you back £50, and if you can afford that much you should probably splash out £85 to have specially selected wines with each course. There is a vegetarian option that is slightly cheaper, but not much.

Those of you who are into MEAT should check out The Coal Shed, where the specialize in grilled meat and fish, cooked in a specially built charcoal oven. The steak comes from Scotland, the fish is fresh out of the sea. They do Chateaubriand.