Brighton Restaurants – Giggling Squid

My original plan was to try the Little Fish Market on Tuesday night, but there was no answer when I called to book and they didn’t phone me back so I decided to try something else. I look for Thai restaurants online and found Giggling Squid. How could I not go?

They are actually a chain, but all of their branches are in Sussex. Maybe they want to be near the sea. Anyway, I went to the branch in Hove, which was nearer my hotel, but for World Fantasy people will probably go to the Brighton branch.

For starters I had the salt & pepper squid, because the menu enthuses about how good it is, and because I love that sort of dish. The only disappointment was that there was not more of it. I could have happily had that as a main course.

Instead I tried the Pad Cha, which is a mixed seafood stir fry. I ordered it in part because I wanted to check the “hot” on the menu actually meant hot on the plate. I’m pleased to report that it did. Also, seafood, it is what cats like.

For dessert I had the black sesame ice cream. I don’t think it is a flavor I’ll be seeking out in future, but it was certainly very edible.

As always with Thai restaurants, the food was beautifully presented.

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