Kristell Ink Revisit

One of the interesting things about retail is that there are seasonal patterns to it. I’m not entirely sure why, given the whole beach reading thing, but sales in the bookstore are always low in August. Now it so happens that one of the things I did in August was add a whole new UK small press to the store, and as I suspect that not many people were paying attention back then I’d like to give them another boost. So, hello again Kristell Ink, and welcome to the store.

Part of the reason for promoting them, of course, is that they published my friend Jo Hall’s book, The Art of Forgetting: Rider, which is reviewed here. I like the book, and I’m delighted to see Jo having taken a few risks with it by introducing QUILTBAG characters. Unfortunately, writers doing this doesn’t help much if no one buys the books. Publishers will just say, “oh, that stuff doesn’t sell”, and stop buying it. So I want lots of you to buy Jo’s book, OK?