Today on Ujima

I got to host the whole of the first hour of today’s Women’s Outlook Show. My first guest was a wonderful poet called Doreen Baidoo who told us all about various projects that she has worked on. I also got my colleague Jackie in to talk more generally about poetry. The second guest was Sarah Thorp who runs the Room 212 art gallery on Gloucester Road. Both of these interviews illustrate the fabulous diversity of art projects in the city. You can listen to that hour here.

I also hosted the final half hour of the show, for a very special interview. As often happens, the Listen Again system’s clock and the studio clock were not quite in synch, and the interview laps over in the first minute of Tommy Popcorn’s show. Rather than ask you to listen to both, I have taken the liberty of patching together a quick edit containing just the interview, which I will post separately shortly.