Airship Shape: The ToC

While I have been busy doing radio, Jo and Roz have been doing publicity for Airship Shaped & Bristol Fashion. The Table of Contents is now available and is listed below.

You will note that there is a story of mine in there. There is also one of Jo’s. We have a team, and no one gets their story in without it being vetted by the others. Also, as the publisher, I wanted to know what it was like being edited by Jo and Roz. I was very pleased with the experience (which means they made my story a lot better).

With any steampunk book the one thing that worries you is how people approach the realities of the Nineteenth Century. I’m pleased to see that many of the writers tried to tackle the issues of race, class and gender discrimination. How well they succeeded will be up to individual readers to decide.

Meanwhile, we need to get on with the actual production process if we are going to have anything available in October.

Table of Contents

Less Than Men

Case of the Vapours, by Ken Shinn
Brassworth, by Christine Morgan
The Lesser Men Have No Language, by Deborah Walker
Brass and Bone, by Joanne Hall

Lost Souls

The Girl with Red Hair, by Myfanwy Rodman
Artifice Perdu, by Peter Sutton
Miss Butler and the Handlander Process, by John Hawkes-Reed
Something in the Water, by Cheryl Morgan
The Chronicles of Montague and Dalton: The Hunt for Alleyway Agnes, by Scott Lewis

Travelling Light

The Sound of Gyroscopes, by Jonathan L. Howard
Flight of Daedalus, by Piotr Šwietlik
The Traveller’s Apprentice, by Ian Millsted
Lord Craddock: Ascension, by Stephen Blake
The Lanterns of Death Affair, by Andy Bigwood

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