Liburnicon – Day 2

Yesterday we went to the beach. Personally I did not end up on the con beach. Mihaela and Bernard turned up, and we took Iggy to a beach a few km along the coast. There are lots of such places. Tiny villages clinging to the edge of precipitous mountains with a small cove that allows access to the sea. To a girl brought up on the beaches of Devon, Cornwall and the Gower, the beaches round here don’t really amount to much, and the sea is almost as cold as it is in the UK, but the scenery… Oh my goodness! Also it was warm and sunny and we were enjoying the vacation.

Somewhat later, back at the convention, we did a fan fund auction for GUFF, and then Jacqueline Carey and I did a panel on Urban Fantasy. I need to write up some notes about that, because inevitably it turned into a list panel, but I did also get to talk theory and explained the basic ideas from Rhetorics of Fantasy to the audience.

Also we announced the results of the SF&F Translation Awards, which you can find here. I was very pleased to once again be able to make the announcement in non-English-speaking country. Next year I think we might do Dublin, though, because there will be a Eurocon there and it is conveniently timed. Would that be OK, Gareth?

The Liburnicon people have been fabulous throughout. It’s more of a popular culture con than a literary one, but I’m loving seeing how many young people they have there. Yesterday it was full of kids doing a pirate treasure hunt.

Sadly today’s pirate cruise has been cancelled due to Zeus throwing a strop, but that should mean I get to see a bit of the town instead.

2 thoughts on “Liburnicon – Day 2

  1. Well, technically, Irish is our first official language, at least according to the Constitution. Of course, only about 3% of the population speak it on daily basis…. but technically…. 😀

  2. Popping my Shamrokon Head of Programme hat on, I think we’d be delighted to host the awards next year in Dublin. I’ll get in contact with you directly to discuss logistics etc. 🙂

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