Liburnicon Underway

Mirko and I drove to Opatija yesterday, through some really spectacular mountain scenery. The town is perched on the edge of the mountains, dropping precipitously towards the sea. There’s so little room to build, that everything stretches out along the sea front. It was almost dark when I got here, but the town was still hopping late into the evening when I finally got to my hotel.

The convention is held in a local school — the kids being on vacation — and when I got there it looked like many of the attendees had only recently graduated. There were lots of people in pirate costumes, and the place was set up for a party.

Jacqueline Carey got a 2-hour GoH slot to open the main programming, which turned out to be a bit too long but was excellent while we had had things to discuss. She was interviewed by her publisher and editor from Algroithm, the leading SF&F publisher around here. I must say that they have done a superb job with the two Kushiel books that they currently have in translation. Volume 2 arrived last night, hot off the presses.

While Jacqueline signed books, I got interviewed by a local journalist. He was quite young, and wearing a Star Trek red shirt. I don’t think this was an ironic comment on being asked to cover the convention.

After that there was food, beer and music. As I hadn’t yet checked into my hotel I bailed before the band came on because I was a bit worried about them thinking I wasn’t turning up. I hope to catch tonight’s band, but I do have to get back and send out the results of the Translation Awards.