BristolCon Fringe Readings – The Launch

Our first ever BristolCon Fringe Reading took place last night, and was very successful. There were fine performances from Myfanwy Rodman and Gareth L. Powell. Several other writers were in attendance, including Cavan Scott who wrote this very splendid review of the event. Dave Bradley was there too, so hopefully we’ll get a mention in SFX.

I don’t think I was very good, mainly because I was desperately tired, but I did manage to record the readings, and a brief listen this morning suggests that the background noise from the other bar isn’t too bad. We’ll be looking into getting a sound system for the next event, and more chairs.

I’ll be getting the podcasts sorted when I get back from Croatia. I note, for the benefit of fans of Ack-Ack Macaque, that Gareth read two chapters from the new book, Hive Monkey. That was its first ever public outing.

The September reading will be on Monday 23rd, and will feature Tim Maughan & Piotr Sweitlik.

2 thoughts on “BristolCon Fringe Readings – The Launch

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it Cheryl. My only regret is that I won’t be able to regularly attend as Monday evenings are usually spent ferrying out daughters to brownies and the like, but going to try to get to as many as possible.

    A sound system would definitely help for those at the back, but it wasn’t too hard to hear. Big thumbs up to the Bristolcon crowd for putting these on.

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