More on Brighton Restaurants

Pete Sutton of the Bristol Festival of Literature has sent me some suggestions for Brighton restaurants that he got from a friend who lives there.

Terre à Terre: best veggie/vegan restaurant in Sussex. A bit pricy, but so good — even meateaters won’t be disappointed!

Sabai: a great (and a bit romantic) Thai place by the Pavilion.

Chilli Pickle: a fab Indian place by library (if you go, go for the thali. It’ll knock your socks off.)

The Blue Man: a tasty North African place near the station.

Binari: Korean place on Preston St. that doesn’t look like much, but does incredible food at a very good price.

Vinos Y Tapas: also on Preston St., does excellent tapas.

Foodilic: on North St does a very tasty vegetarian buffet.

Rockola: a Rock N Roll greasy spoon cafe with a jukebox.

Moshimo: a good/fancy Japanese place by the town hall, with a conveyor belt. If you are still there on Monday, check out their Moshimo madness offer for cheap sushi!

Murasaki: a cheap and tasty Bento cafe/takeaway.

Now I’m hungry. I think I might try Sabai on the next trip.

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