August Clarkesworld

The latest issue of Clarkeworld is now available online. A brief flick through the stories suggests that they all have something of post-disaster feel to them. They are:

In addition there are the now traditional two reprint stories:

In the non-fiction, Christopher Mahon discusses the “dark roots” of myth and fantasy (interesting, but he needs to visit Finland, where the Forest is a place of safety). Jeremy interviews Holly Black, and Daniel muses on the subject of writing workshops. Neil’s editorial covers going back to Readercon, the scene last year of his near-fatal heart attack, the Upgraded anthology and the Year Four anthology.

Kate Baker, as ever, is on hand with an audio version of the lead story, with the others to follow through the month.

And there is a fabulous cover by Julie Dillon.

All of this is freely available online, but if you’d like to help support the magazine then you can buy it from the bookstore.