Fabulous Philippine Fiction

Earlier this month I did a Small Blue Planet episode with Charles A. Tan and Dean Francis Alfar that talked about the speculative fiction currently emanating from The Philippines. Since then Charles and his colleagues at Flipside Publishing have been busily providing me with more ebooks to sell. They are now available in the bookstore.

Firstly we have A Bottle of Storm Clouds, a collection of stories by Eliza Victoria. She is one of the authors whom we mentioned in the podcast. I really liked the story that she had in Alternative Alamat, and I suspect this will be a very fine book.

In addition we have two anthologies. Dean and his wife, Nikki, have been editing a series of books collecting the best speculative fiction of the year from The Philippines. They are now up to Volume 8. Previous issues are not available as ebooks, but there is a “best of” volume that collects the finest stories from volumes 1 to 5. These books provide a fine overview of what The Philippines has to offer, and they are very reasonably priced.

If you are not convinced yet, listen to the podcast, after which you’ll be intrigued.