World Fantasy Scouting

Next weekend I’ll be in Brighton for Trans Pride, and while I’m there I should make good use of the opportunity and scout out restaurants in advance of World Fantasy. Here are a few places of interest.

My favorite Brighton restaurant (well, Hove actually) is Coriander. However, I’ve been trying to phone them to make a booking and got no answer. I’ve now seen that Yelp has the restaurant marked as closed. No wildebeest burger, then. I am distraught.

Assuming that’s confirmed when I get there, top of my list to try out is The Little Fish Market, which sounds very interesting. Also, fish. Have I told you that I have cat genes?

American visitors may, of course, be much more interested in MEAT. For them, the best option would appear to be The Coal Shed. It is also a little more pricey.

If you prefer a taste of Olde Englande, I can recommend English’s. I’ve only eaten there once, but while I was having my lunch Judi Dench walked in, which suggests that they can attract people who can choose to eat anywhere.

Finally, because traditional British food means curry these days, I’m going to check out Indian Summer. They’ve won a bunch of awards recently and come highly recommended. That hopefully means that they don’t serve the cookie-cutter dishes common in most curry houses. If I’m really lucky they’ll compare well with the places I ate in Delhi.

One thought on “World Fantasy Scouting

  1. I’d also recommend Terre-a-Terre, which is a really unique vegetarian restaurant just along from the seafront hotels. Their USP is incredibly strong and incredibly densely layered flavours served up in eye-catching ways.

    It’s a leetol bit expensive but if you’re visiting Brighton and looking to sample the local colour, it’s unlike anywhere else I’ve ever eaten.

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