The Best Dressed Award

As regular readers will know, for many years now I have been handing out a “best dressed” award at the Hugo ceremony. It is time once again for a winner to be announced. There was a fair amount of stiff competition this year. Naomi Fisher is always very elegant. Ellen Datlow, Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Kaja Foglio all looked splendid, as did the ladies accompanying John Scalzi, Wil McCarthy and Ed Bryant. Lisa Konrad gets a special mention for having bought her lovely dress in Fairy Gothmother in Camden (and teaming it with boots). However, for sheer princessly gloriousness, not to mention coming with a matching tiara, there can be no doubt about the winner. Ladies and Gentlemen, the 2008 Emerald City Best Dressed Award goes to…

– drum roll –

Mary Robinette Kowal

Mary Robinette Kowal's dress

I spoke to Mary briefly about the dress on the night. If I recall correctly it is from the 1960s and was purchased in a vintage clothing store in Portland, Oregon. Those of you into dressmaking can learn much more about it in this post.

3 thoughts on “The Best Dressed Award

  1. Oh, excellent choice! This was a GLORIOUS vintage dress, perfectly complimenting Mary’s lovely hair and radiantly clear skin, in a glowing shade of gold that I would never be able to wear (without looking worrisomely like an advanced hepatitis case, that is…).

    Kudos to the new Campbell winner, and many thanks to all those who dress up (including David Hartwell, in his own dashingly inimitable way), for making Hugo Night an annual sartorial treat. And thanks, Cheryl, for continuing your competition post-EMERALD CITY. It adds spice to shopping vintage clothing and consignment stores throughout the year, especially on my ridiculously low, self-imposed budget.

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