Finncon – Day 3

Yesterday morning began with a fascinating panel on writing and music. It covered a range of topics, including what music is good to write to, how you evoke the sense of listening to music in your books, whether you should include a “playlist” at the back of your novel, and novels which are of interest to people who love music. This is the sort of panel I would love to be on. Then again, I want to see it done with Liz Hand, Ian McDonald, Al Reynolds, Ellen Kushner and Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

Next up was a 2-hour meet-up of international writers, to which our Russian & Chinese friends turned up. I announced the short lists for the Translation Awards, and we got to shower congratulations on Karin Tidbeck. Various plans were hatched for how we could do things to further international cooperation at next year’s Finncon.

Then we did Hall Costume judging. I posted a picture of the winner yesterday.

Back in the hotel, I got the Translation Awards announcement online, and then it was time for the closing ceremonies. There was a dead dog party in the evening, with fabulous food. And then it was time to say goodbye to everyone, with much sadness. Another marvelous Finncon completed, and lots more authors added to the “Finncon is the best convention in the world” club.