Clarkesworld Update

Due to being in Canada at the start of the month, I managed to miss doing the magazines update. This is a belated attempt at catch-up. The new Clarkesworld is not that new any more, but you can still find it in the usual place. The highlights of this issue are a new story by the incredibly talented E. Lily Yu, and (Kevin please note) an article by Jason Heller on the history of locomotives in science fiction. Should you feel like supporting the magazine, you can buy this issue from my bookstore.

I should also note that Neil has just launched a new project: Upgraded: A Cyborg Anthology. This is on Kickstarter, and I know that many of you are deeply unhappy with Kickstarter right now. Goodness knows, I am. However, Neil launched this project before yesterday’s shit storm took off. If people decide that they no longer want to use Kickstarter for funding new projects, that’s fine, they could do with competition. But I’m not sure that it is helpful to try to punish Kickstarter by wrecking small projects already in process.

Anyway, Neil already has promises of stories from Elizabeth Bear, Tobias S. Buckell, Yoon Ha Lee, Ken Liu, Genevieve Valentine and E. Lily Yu, so it is looking fabulous already. And you can get the ebook for just $10. If you want to back the project, go here.