Local Costume Design Exhibition

Our local shopping center has a few empty stores these days, but they seem to be trying to make use of them. Today I found an exhibition of costume art put on by students from a local college. As far as I can make out, the brief was to design dresses influenced by nature, which naturally resulted in some fantastical creations. I took some photos.

My favorite dress was this “Wood Witch” by Zoe Dolman. It reminded me of something Terri Windling might have drawn.

Wood witch - top

The bottom of the dress has more of a seaweed air to it.

Wood witch - bottom

Zoe tells me that her ambition is to do costume design for people like Tim Burton, which is a very fine sort of ambition to have.

If I was going to pick a dress to wear it would be this one:

One to wear

This one looks like something that the Red Queen might wear:

Roses and hearts

This was just a skirt, but again very striking.

Petal skirt