Union Cup – The Audio

As with most local radio stations, BCFM has a “listen again” feature that allows you to listen to their shows after they have been broadcast. Consequently everything we did on Saturday is online. However, the process is automated, which means no show notes, and because we didn’t follow the usual Saturday schedule the titles of the shows are a bit of a mess.

The live coverage of the finals are in the Saturday Sports Show, which my co-commentator, Paul Davis, usually hosts. You can find the two hours of that show here. As the two games lasted a bit longer than 2 hours our commentary continues into the slot normally shared with Nia’s Chart Show from Ujima. After the 15s final finished we are in the studio interviewing people.

During the morning various interviews of mine got played. I haven’t had a chance to listen to everything yet, but I know I’m in the studio of the second hour of Clane’s Saturday Breakfast, reviewing Friday’s matches and looking forward to the day’s play. I’m also interviewing Mark Sampson of the Vixens, and later in the studio, during the second hour of Fin’s 100% Best of Bristol.

During the day we got email from someone in the south of France, presumably a Montpelier fan, thanking us for the coverage. I see that there is now a comment on the Sports Show page from an Emerald Warriors player who was in South Africa during the tournament. I’m delighted that we were able to give the Union Cup such good international coverage.