Adventure Rocketship! – The Ebook

Adventure Rocketship! #1 - Jonathan WrightI am delighted to announce that Wizard’s Tower has been asked to publish the ebook edition of Adventure Rocketship! #1. This resulted in a significant amount of squee in these here parts. After all, I can now claim to have published a book containing work by Lavie Tidhar, N.K. Jemisin, Minister Faust, Liz Williams, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Tim Maughan and many other fabulous people.

The book is currently available from the Wizard’s Tower store, and will also be available through the usual outlets over the next few days.

You want this, people, you really do. It has Liz Williams’ story about David Bowie; it has Minister Faust writing about George Clinton and N.K. Jemisin writing about Janelle Monáe; it has interviews with China Miéville and Michael Moorcock. In addition to Liz’s story there is fiction by Lavie Tidhar, Nir Yaniv, Martin Millar and Tim Maughan. And there’s lots more. What are you waiting for?