Tomorrow On Ujima

Misericordia - Jack WolfI’ll be on the Women’s Outlook show on Ujima tomorrow. We have a busy show for you.

My main guest will be Jack Wolf, author of the fascinating Tale of Raw Head and Bloody Bones. It is a debut fantasy novel, but you probably won’t find it on the SF&F shelves because it sold to a mainstream publisher and has already been sold on for translation in France and Spain. The image is of the French cover, featuring the faerie queen, Viviane, in all her glory. The book also features a lot of interesting material about the history of medicine, and is written entirely in 17th Century dialect, which works brilliantly. I’ll be writing a review after I have had a chance to talk to Jack.

Also on the show with me will be representatives of the Bristol Academy soccer team who are playing the FA Cup Final against Arsenal at the weekend. The BBC has just launched a new show specifically about women’s soccer, and last night’s show featured a preview of the match. It is available on iPlayer. It’s great to see the game getting so much attention. Hopefully I can add usefully to the buzz.

I’ll also be talking about the Union Cup. And if we have time Paulette might chat tome about my trip to Finland.