Fallen Host – Live in the Bookstore

Fallen Host - Lyda MorehouseI wouldn’t normally release a book on a Saturday, but time is getting short. This one should have been out on either Thursday or Friday, but circumstances have conspired against me and as I’m leaving for Finland on Monday I need to get it out now.

Fallen Host is, of course, the second in Lyda Morehouse’s AngeLINK series. Satan is running a used bookstore in New York. The Vatican’s crack tech crime investigator is a woman. And the Four Horsemen are, well, that might be a spoiler. Not that such things should really matter in a book that has been out for more than a decade, but publishers are supposed to tease prospective readers so here I am doing it.

Needless to say, I love this book (and all of the others in the series). I’m not in the least bit surprised to learn that Lyda would go around exclaiming “I love Satan!” while writing it. He is a splendid character. Hopefully some of you who are new to Lyda’s work will come to love it too.

As for me, I have two more novels to convert. So once I have this one in all of the major bookstores I’ll need to get on with the next one. There will be a new Juliet McKenna coming soon as well.