Ujima: May Day, Bank Notes & Job Searching

Yesterday’s Ujima shows are available under our Listen Again feature now. The first hour kicks off with some discussion of May Day. Paulette wants to talk about International Labour Day. I want to talk about Beltane and maypoles. It sort of works.

In the second part of the show we welcome two fabulous young ladies from Bristol University — Naomi and Holly — to talk about feminism. We get all intersectional. One of the main topics is the women on banknotes petition. I note that we got around 5,000 extra signatures yesterday after the show was broadcast, though apparently the petition got mentioned on something called Radio 4 where they also have a women’s show so I guess Bristol can’t take all the credit. 😉

The second hour varies from the tragic (remembering the Hillsborough disaster) to the ridiculous (learning to drive, in which I complain about Kevin being a Bad Passenger). The final half hour is well worth a listen if you are interested in UK politics. It features two young men who work with community groups that help job seekers in Bristol. These days, it appears, the only legitimate way to look for a job is through the official government website. If you don’t log onto that and register activity on a daily basis, you can lose your benefits. If you don’t have a computer, can’t afford broadband, can’t work out how the use the appallingly designed interface, or have lost your passport, you are screwed. It really is evil, and the St.Paul’s area of Bristol is lucky to have such proactive community organizations available to help people through the minefield.