Juliet Looks To The Future

Juliet McKenna is, of course, best known for her epic fantasy writing, but the experience of chairing an Eastercon has clearly tweaked the SF writer side of her personality because she’s started to wonder what Eastercons will be like in 10 years time. You can find her speculations here.

These sort of things concern me too. I’m still a director of SFSFC, Inc, and in fact we have a board meeting on Saturday. I’m also a trustee of the BristolCon Foundation, which is currently busy expanding its activities outside of the actual convention. How to best manage fannish activities in a time of economic crisis, and with those responsible for doing the work seemingly getting older and older, is an ongoing worry.

I don’t want to get into yet another predictable discussion about the “greying of fandom” because those never seem to go anywhere, but if I have the time I might write something about fannish organizational structures, and the sorts of events that they can support.

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3 Responses to Juliet Looks To The Future

  1. I will naturally be very interested to read that, and if any of the BristolCon Foundation members are around for the EasterCon in 10 Year Time discussion in Bradford, it would be very useful to know more about that organisational model and approach.

  2. Kevin Roche says:

    Juliet, you left out the part where the committee was pilloried by fans for dirtying their hands by engaging in active marketing and (horrors!) advertising.

    • Yes, Kevin, there are a few things like that which I left out… which I’m aware of but which haven’t actually happened to me this time around.

      Possibly those folk who get bent out of shape about such things haven’t bothered tackling me about because I am of course A Filthy Pro* and thus such debased behaviour is only to be expected of it.

      *on the plus side, I haven’t actually had that particular conversation with anyone in UK fandom any time in the past five years. Hopefully because that attitude is going the way of the dodo. Possibly because word of my black belt has circulated more widely than hitherto.

      Prior to that? Oh yes… a couple of notable encounters…

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