My Halo Is A Centerfold

Halo JonesHalo Jones, one of Alan Moore’s most famous creations, and unusually a female comics character who is famous for being just an ordinary girl, rather than for her outsize boobies and lack of clothing. Which is why there has been something of an online fuss today about the Bristol Comic Expo deciding to promote itself by selling a specially commissioned print of Halo (by the original artist), topless.

Much chat has gone back and fore, the most moving of which was a couple of tweets from Leah Moore saying how much she’d admired the character as a kid. Paul Cornell, who is scheduled to be a guest at the con, wrote an email to complain and was told off for being a “prude”. And Rebellion, who still own the copyright on the character, have apparently asked for the print to be withdrawn. That will doubtless outrage a whole different part of the online community.

As you doubtless know, I’ve attended the Bristol Expo and have helped promote it. Well, convention organizers have a right to promote themselves how they see fit. Also other people have a right to decide what conventions to attend. As it happens, I’m not going this year anyway as it clashes with Åcon. Next year I have no idea what the dates will be, but there are lots of events I could choose to go to; one less will save me some money and time.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    I’ve read lots of Alan Moore’s other work, but I’d never heard of Halo Jones, and I was pleasantly surprised by her lack of plunging neckline. Then I read the rest of the post. Nrrgh!

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