Marriage Equality: It Matters

I keep an eye on the authors I’ve contracted with at Wizard’s Tower Press. You never know when one of them might do something newsworthy. Juliet, of course, is buried in convention work as she’s chairing this year’s Eastercon. Lyda has no such restrictions, and is free to get into all sorts of trouble. Of course she hides it well. The big news is tucked away at the bottom of a post about car problems. But I spotted it anyway. There are wedding bells on the horizon.

Minnesota is still in the process of passing its marriage equality legislation. I’m no expert on the process, but the news sites I’ve looked at are all suggesting that, with key votes passed yesterday, it is now only a matter of time, because the votes are there and the Governor has already signaled that he will support the bill.

Lyda and Shawn have been a couple for as long as I have known them, which is well over a decade. Indeed, I was slightly surprised to discover today that their son, Mason, is almost 10 years old. Time flies. And kids are important. After all, one of the reasons that the wedding is on the cards is that years ago Mason asked his mothers to promise to get married if they were able to do so. So that they could be a proper family.

Which is why I’m getting all teary over this. It might just be a piece of legislation, but it means the world to the families affected by it. I am so happy for Lyda, Shawn and Mason.

By the way, the UK’s marriage equality legislation has moved through the committee stage more or less unscathed. And by “unscathed” what I mean is that all but one of the amendments put forward to address the concerns of trans people were voted down. The only one that got through was one that corrected an injustice that would have been faced by the cis spouses of people who transitioned. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m not.

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