Got Radio (with added Tim Maughan)

As I said yesterday, there’s a problem with the Ujima website, as a result of which the Women’s Outlook shows do not appear in the Listen Again section. However, the shows are online, so with the application of a little bit of my cunning hacker skills I was able to work out how to give you access to then. For today’s listening enjoyment I give you last week’s show, which featured Tim Maughan as our special studio guest. The links below should take you directly to the mp3 files.

The first hour contains four segments and is all about getting boys to read. In the first quarter we talk about books that young boys might enjoy. I review Ian McDonald’s PlanesRunner, while Tim recommends A Clockwork Orange. The second segment talks about ways we might encourage boys to read (and many thanks to Stefano for agreeing to be our token “boy who hates books”). Next up I talk to Tim about his work, and the two conventions he attended in February. Finally we have a segment on the importance of libraries.

The second hour starts off with some discussion of pornography, during which I make a practical suggestion as to how we can prevent the media being full of stories about men sexually assaulting and raping women. After that there is some serious discussion about violence again women, and female genital mutilation, which is all very valuable. Right at the end I get to complain about First Great Western.

By the way, it is now over a week since I sent a complaint to FGW about the behavior of their staff. They have not yet acknowledged receipt.

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