Yesterday’s Radio

Yesterday was Ujima Radio day. I very nearly didn’t make it, as the train I was planning to catch was cancelled. Fortunately I don’t trust FGW and there was a later train that, with the help of a taxi, got me to the studio in good time.

Being there on time meant I got to meet Mel and Shana, The Lovettes, who apparently did quite well on X-Factor. It was very clear that they were stars. To start with they were an hour and a half late for a two-hour show, having overslept from a good night out. But once arrived they blew through the studio in a hurricane of charm and energy. You can catch them singing live in the last 10 minutes of Tommy Popcorn’s show.

The first half hour of Women’s Outlook was all me. In the first segment I talk about Karen Lord’s books, and play an interview that I did with Karen over Skype. You may hear a certain amount of background noise during the first bit. We haven’t done pre-recorded interviews on the show before and a small amount of tech panic ensued. Thankfully it all turned out right in the end. You find find that material in this hour of the show (sorry about the title of the show still being wrong in the Listen Again section). The second half hour is all about feminism, and includes a guest from France.

I’m also on in the first 15 minutes of the second hour. That’s a less serious segment, in which Paulette wanted us to talk about power dressing and shoulder pads. Somehow I managed to get in a mention of Lucy Worsley’s recent TV shows, and to have a dig at the RadFems. Do also stay with the show for the Woman of the Week segment because Nia is an awesome lady who is well worth listening to. The second half hour is once again devoted to the issue of female genital mutilation, with again some interesting guests.

Next week on the show I’ll be talking about getting boys to read. I’ll be reviewing Ian McDonald’s Planesrunner (and introducing Bristol to the awesome Anastasia Sixsmith). Tim Maughan will be my guest in the studio.