CCTV Has Its Uses

One of the things that fell by the wayside during Worldcon was monitoring my friends list on LiveJournal. As a result I am rather later on reporting a new response by the Metropolitan Police to ToiletGate. Roz has published the whole thing.

As Roz says, this is definitely progress, even if there is still a lot of weaseling going on. One item of interest is that CCTV actually proved its worth for once. Commander Allen writes:

It has been claimed that the demonstrators assaulted stewards – examination of CCTV evidence demonstrates that these claims are mistaken.

Of course there is still the question as to how such a “mistake” could be made, and whether in fact it was not a mistake, but rather a deliberate lie made by people trying to cover their arses. But it is nice to know that the billions of pounds that the UK spends on monitoring its citizens can occasionally provide dividends.