Nature, It’s “Not Natural”

With the marriage equality debate going through Parliament in the UK (and France) right now we are hearing a lot of people complain that certain practices are “not natural”. I’m sure you all know by now that there are loads of species in which homosexual behavior has been observed in the wild, but to stretch your minds a little further here is Deep Sea News with a list of “10 Ocean Species That Challenge Gender Role Stereotypes”. It includes sex changes, hermaphrodites, transvestism, a species that has been reproducing by cloning for 80 million years and my favorites, the Loriceferans, whose gender identity is very clearly dependent on what food they eat. Goodness only knows what our bishops would make of all this depravity. What was God thinking when she made these creatures?

One thought on “Nature, It’s “Not Natural”

  1. Whereas using the internet, voting in Parliament, and being an idiot are all completely natural.

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