Central Denver is lovely. Despite the wide roads and grid layout, it is a proper town center with lots of good restaurants and shops, and excellent pubic transit (there’s a free bus going up and down the 16th Street mall). Tattered Cover, who sponsored the goodie bags for the con, turned out to have a beautiful bookstore – photos to follow. I did also try to photograph Coors Field, but my camera, being a loyal Giants fan, promptly ran out of batteries.

Anyway, there was a further reductions sale in Anne Taylor Loft, and the local store, Cira, whose window I had been salivating over all week, turned out to have things that fitted me. I am poorer, but very happy. Gotta rush now. The airport beckons.

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2 Responses to Shopping

  1. El says:

    Central Denver has excellent pubic transit? Amazing! They should advertise that.

    (Couldn’t resist–Sorry. Sort of. Okay, maybe not.)

  2. Bob Sabella says:

    Thanks, Cheryl, both for the running conreport and for covering the Hugo Awards life. You did your usual superb job.

    I look forward to the World Fantasy Awards as well.


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