Central Denver is lovely. Despite the wide roads and grid layout, it is a proper town center with lots of good restaurants and shops, and excellent pubic transit (there’s a free bus going up and down the 16th Street mall). Tattered Cover, who sponsored the goodie bags for the con, turned out to have a beautiful bookstore – photos to follow. I did also try to photograph Coors Field, but my camera, being a loyal Giants fan, promptly ran out of batteries.

Anyway, there was a further reductions sale in Anne Taylor Loft, and the local store, Cira, whose window I had been salivating over all week, turned out to have things that fitted me. I am poorer, but very happy. Gotta rush now. The airport beckons.

2 thoughts on “Shopping

  1. Central Denver has excellent pubic transit? Amazing! They should advertise that.

    (Couldn’t resist–Sorry. Sort of. Okay, maybe not.)

  2. Thanks, Cheryl, both for the running conreport and for covering the Hugo Awards life. You did your usual superb job.

    I look forward to the World Fantasy Awards as well.


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