Happy New Book Day, Karen Lord

Those of you in the UK (or who buy from The Book Depository) are now able to buy Karen Lord’s new novel, The Best of all Possible Worlds. (Amazon says that the US edition in due out on February 12th). I’m celebrating by posting my review. I got an e-ARC off NetGalley weeks ago, but the review took quite a bit of work including, unusually, talking to the author about the book. I note that Karen has not told me that I have correctly understood the book, but then she hadn’t told me that I’ve got it completely wrong either.

One of the reasons I like Lord’s writing so much is that she makes me think a lot. That is, after all, why I got into science fiction in the first place. I’ll be fascinated to see what sort of reviews the book gets, but hopefully a lot of you will like it as much as I do.