Small Blue Planet, Episode 1: Finland

It is probably dreadful timing for me to be mentioning two podcasts on the same day, but Karen Burnham put the first episode of Small Blue Planet online last night to I need to point you at it. As you hopefully know by now, this show will feature me talking to people from the SF&F communities in various countries around the world. For the first episode my guests are Jukka Halme and Marianna Leikomaa from Finland. They are both good friends, so the chemistry was excellent on the show. I hope you enjoy it.

And yes, we do talk about the Helsinki Worldcon Bid.

On Sunday I’ll be recording Episode 2 with Ken Liu and Stanley Chan (Chen Qiufan) who will be telling me all about science fiction and fantasy in China. If you have things you want me to ask them, let me know.

Huge thanks to Locus for agreeing to host these podcasts. Hopefully this will do wonders for listener figures.