Women Warriors at Ujima

The podcasts from yesterday’s shows at Ujima are now available worldwide.

I started off with a slot in the last 10 minutes of the Tommy Popcorn show, where I got to preview LGBT History Month. Many thanks to Tommy for inviting me on.

The discussion of warrior women comes in the first half hour of the Women’s Outlook show (which I see the Ujima website still has incorrectly titled). I managed to get in some discussion of Julian May’s Saga of the Exiles, and Justina Robson’s Quantum Gravity series. The other people on the podcast loved the picture of Lila Black on the cover of Down to the Bone. I was hoping to get a mention in for Kameron Hurley’s Bel Dame Apocrypha as well (I love the opening of Rapture, which I wanted to read), but there’s only so much time available on live radio.

The second half hour of that segment features some women drummers who are a lot of fun and are clearly doing useful woman-positive work. I find it very sad to find such people insistent that they are Not Feminists, because to them Feminism is all about hating men. I blame you for this, Julie Bindel.

I’m also involved in the Lighter Side of Life segment in the first 15 minutes of the second hour of the show. That’s all about “What’s in a woman’s handbag?”. So if you want to know what is in mine, do listen in.

Next week I’m doing a slot on the main Outlook show where we celebrate Chinese New Year. Women’s Outlook takes a break until the 20th when, it being February, we’ll be doing love stories.