Translation Awards Eligibility Lists

Over at the Translation Awards website I have posted the lists of works we have been able to find that are eligible for next year’s awards. (There are also a couple of 2011 works published towards the end of last year that we missed.)

I’m delighted to see so many interesting books and stories listed. As always, the indefatigable Brian Stableford has produced a torrent of translated books from Black Coat Press. Those are mainly quite old books, but I’m pleased to see that Black Coat are doing books by contemporary French writers such as Sylvie Miller and Philippe Ward. Haikasoru and Kurodahan are continuing to do excellent work with Japanese translations, and it looks like we can now rely on Beijing Guomi Digital Technology for a steady supply of translations from Chinese. Lavie Tidhar’s Apex Book of World SF series continues to produce interesting stories. And thanks should go to my friends at Mr. B’s Emporium of Reading Delights in Bath who supply me with lots of interesting translated works from non-genre publishers that nevertheless seem to fit our remit.

One thing I am sure about, however, is that I won’t have got everything. There are bound to be short stories in online magazines that I have missed, for example. If you know of something you think the jury should be looking at, and it isn’t listed, please let me know, either here or over on the Translation Awards website.

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