Leveson, Briefly

I suspect that most people in the UK are sick to death of coverage of the Leveson Inquiry today. And that’s probably what the media wants. Luckily for you, I don’t have anything to add to the TransMediaWatch press release. You can read the whole thing here (PDF). Here’s the highlight.

In his Report, Lord Justice Leveson refers to TMW’s submissions as evidence of “disturbing and intrusive reporting,” going on to say that “it is clear that there is a marked tendency in a section of the press to fail to treat members of the transgender and intersex communities with sufficient dignity and respect… parts of the tabloid press continue to seek to ‘out’ transgender people notwithstanding its prohibition in the Editors’ Code.”

Because there’s nothing that sells papers like finding some disadvantaged minority group and pillorying them. Trans people are by no means the only victims.