Kirsty & Mondy Do Paintwork

Over at The Writer & The Critic, Kirstyn & Mondy have been running a little project looking at self-published ebooks. I recommended a couple of titles out of my store. Last month they read Anticopernicus by Adam Roberts, and quite liked it. This month they turned their attention to Paintwork by Tim Maughan. Much to my relief, and I’m sure Tim’s as well, considering how mercilessly they shredded the other two books in this episode, they liked it. Indeed, Mondy said he liked it better than Adam’s book, which is high praise indeed. Kirsten had a bunch of niggles, some of which I will try to address by breathing girl cooties all over Tim next time I see him, but this led to an interesting discussion about how reviewers are allowed to find fault with books they like.

Anyway, I’m delighted that my recommendations passed this ordeal, especially given how badly some of the other books got panned. Hopefully that will give other people some confidence in my recommendations too.