Introducing Outlaw Bodies

We have a new book, and a new publisher, in the bookstore today. Outlaw Bodies is the first book from Djibril al-Ayad’s Future Fire imprint. It is an anthology, edited by Lori Selke and Djibril himself, and the theme is human modification. There’s been a lot of talk of late about science fiction not being relevant to current concerns, and I can’t think of anything much more relevant than this. Whether it be live-saving modifications like Neil Clarke’s defibrilator, enabling modification such as Oscar Pistorius’s running blades or Zac Vawter with his mind-controlled legs, identity-related modification such as gender surgery, or just the current popularity of tattoos, hair dye, colored contact lenses and tanning pills, body modification is where it is at. Indeed, this issue is so current that the Royal Society has just issued a report on human enhancement and its likely impact on the world of work. So I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the authors Lori & Djibril have selected have had to say on this issue.