New Clarkesworld

Hurricanes, it seems, cannot stop Clarkesworld from being published on time. Nor, for that matter, can heart attacks. See what I mean about Neil deserving a Howie? Anyway, issue #74 is now live online, and available in the store.

The fiction this month comes from E. Catherine Tobler (“(To See the Other) Whole Against the Sky”), Maggie Clark (“Aquatica”) and Brooke Wonders (“Everything Must Go”). The first story is SF about starships; the second SF about marine life; and the third something decidedly weird about houses. As usual, the first story is available in audio from Kate Baker, with the others to follow through the month.

Non-fiction includes an article by Mark Cole about psychohistory and whether it could ever be a real science, and article with Bristol-based writer, Mark Lawrence, and Lev AC Rosen talking about queer characters in SF&F.

Neil’s editorial contains the somewhat scary but hopefully long-term good news that he is to become a cyborg, and an announcement that Kate Baker, as if she wasn’t busy enough already, will be taking over as non-fiction editor. (If you need help, Kate, just ask.)

And finally, this month’s cover art is “New World” by Ken Barthelmey who is from Luxembourg (Hugo Gernsback, I hope, would be proud).

I don’t have the November Lightspeed yet, which maybe my fault as I’ve had my attention elsewhere for the past two weeks, and may be due to JJA being at World Fantasy.