Worldcon Update

I’ve now had a chance to go through the Worldcon program in detail. When I said on the questionnaire that I didn’t want to be on any more “electronic fanzines, threat or menace?” panels I figured I was being over-cautious, but I see that they have two of them. I won’t be attending either.

On the awards front I see there is also a Golden Ducks ceremony. That is scheduled against the Sunday Business Meeting, which is where the Melbourne folks will be announcing their GoHs, but the two panels seem to be next door to each other so I may manage to hit bits of both. There is also a Friday panel on the history of the Campbell which I might get along to.

Talking of the Business Meeting, Saturday could be quite busy. In addition to the motions mentioned by Mike Glyer (to kill off the Semiprozine category and add a Graphic Novel category) there should also be a report from the Digital Wilderness Committee that will (finally) put forward proposals for clearing up any doubt as to whether electronic publications are eligible for the Hugos.

The one panel that I definitely want to hit is on Thursday at 4:00pm. It is called “Fandom and SF outside the English-speaking world” and it features Christian Sauvé of Fractal Framboise, Rani Graff from Israel, Alvaro Zinos Amaro from Spain and Sarah Hoyt, who is originally from Portugal. If I get a chance to put in a good word for Finland then I shall do so.

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