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As we move inexorably into winter, the new issue of Clarkesworld comes to spread a little snow on our lives. Genevieve Valentine is on Europa. “A Bead of Jasper, Four Small Stones” tells of an attempt to build a colony on that icy moon of Jupiter. Kate Baker’s audio version appears to have got lost in the fog. Hopefully she’ll get back to us soon. Meanwhile Theodora Goss is much closer to home, finding out about life in “England Under the White Witch”. There at least, winter has indeed come. There are no obviously wintery references in Yoon Ha Lee’s “The Battle of Candle Arc”, but it does has space-faring moths.

In the non-fiction, Matthew Johnson talks abut Campbell’s Rule in “The Future, One Thing at a Time”. Jeremy interviews John Varley and talks about bacteria. In the Another Word column, Daniel Abraham talks about “Practicing Dissatisfaction”, by which he means the art of writing book reviews. He says some good stuff, though I might gently pick holes in it tomorrow if I’m not busy.

Neil’s editorial talks a bit more about sources of finance — in particular new books you’ll be able to buy. And the cover art is another fabulous piece of work by Julie Dillon. One of the ways you can help the magazine is, of course, to buy it, like you can do here.

The October issue of Lightspeed is also in the store. The original SF includes a story by Robert Reed, which has me interested immediately. And the ebook exclusive novella — the content you can’t get for free online — is “Dragonfly” by Ursula K. Le Guin. So you should buy it, of course.

Finally on the subject of magazines, the new Locus has an article in it by Kevin and myself. It is basically a report on the WSFS Business Meeting from Chicago, so you’ll know most of what it says, but it is always an honor to be asked to write these things.

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  1. The new issue of Clarkesworld Magazine looks great. I can’t wait to get to the lunch break and start reading it, especially since I enjoyed the stories of these three lovely ladies in the past. And if I am at it, I loved “Beyond the Reach of His Gods” by Brian Ruckley, story that appears in this issue of Lightspeed Magazine. It is a fantasy in the sword-and-sorcery style, but it has the excellent mark of Brian Ruckley and it keeps the reader on the edge. It is one of the fantasy stories that I wish it would become a novel, but then again I am very pleased with it as a short story nonetheless.
    And from one thing to another, speaking of fantasy short stories, I saw that Black gate started to post online fiction from this month. That is quite interesting!

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