Juliet Gets Reviewed

I don’t get many reviews for Wizard’s Tower books because they are mostly reprints and professional reviewers much prefer to cover new material. However, I was pleased to see a review of Juliet McKenna’s Turns & Chances done by Jo Hall. You can read the whole thing here, but the comment I have picked out for use in sales situations is as follows:

The reader also gets a real sense of depth, of the world stretching away beyond the narrow confines of these pages, both in time and space. It’s an impressive achievement.

That encapsulates pretty much what readers want from Epic Fantasy, a world that seems real, rather than just being a pile of cheap Hollywood flats borrowed from a failed production of The Lord of the Rings. Juliet, as an historian, is very good at this sort of thing.

By the way, over the weekend I was checking the final draft of our ebook of The Thief’s Gamble. It will be a few weeks yet before you can buy it because Juliet has deadlines for her latest novel, Defiant Peaks, but it will not be long now.