Shout Out Podcasts Live

Mary the Producer must have been working very hard yesterday, because all of the podcasts from Saturday’s marathon at the Shout Out Bristol radio show are now live. I am in both hours of the “Out and About” show. I’m about 40 minutes into the first hour, and 25 minutes into the second. I’ve just listened to the first one and it sounded OK (much relief). It has plugs for Patrick Ness, Melissa Scott, Lethe Press, Aqueduct Press and BristolCon. And you get to find out which song I chose.

There’s also a lot of other good material. I want to listen to the “God Loves Gays” show. Also my friend Dru Marland was on earlier in the day, though I’m not sure when. And of course I want to listen to Natalie’s show which is all about getting dolled up for a party. The poor girl had to spend hours in a beauty salon “for research”.