Colin: One Year On

It is a year ago today that we got the sad news that Colin Harvey had died, way too young, at the age of 50. As I said yesterday about Harry Harrison, you can tell a lot about someone by the way they are remembered. Lee Harris talks about Colin here, and announces a special sale at the Angry Robot bookstore, the proceeds of which will go to the charity that Colin worked for, Above and Beyond.

Elsewhere Jo Hall talks eloquently about how Colin will be missed by the local writing community. She’s dead right about expecting Colin and Harry to get on well together. In fact Dark Spires, the book that Colin edited for me to get Wizard’s Tower up and running, is dedicated to Harry Harrison. Colin, I am sure, would have had similar stories to those of Neil and John, had be been around to write about Harry yesterday.

It isn’t just the writers who will miss Colin either. BristolCon would never have happened had it not been for his energy and enthusiasm. Colin was never afraid to try new things, and could always persuade people to help out.

The world needs more people like Colin.

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