Panel Parity at Finncon

Tero Ykspetäjä has run the numbers on panel participants at the recent Finncon. They look pretty good overall, close to 50:50. Drilling down, men were in a clear majority when the subject was science, but women had a clear majority on panels about writing SF. So for Helsinki next year we need more women scientists and more male writers. Volunteers?

2 thoughts on “Panel Parity at Finncon

  1. I’ve already committed to the program and to helping as appropriate (Jukka, please remember) unfortunately I am a writer, not a scientist – Mea Culpa.
    Maybe they could ask someone from the Geological Survey Institute in Espoo to talk about Mars rocks??? 🙂

    1. I just need to speak up now. Finnish Geological Survey does not have any expertise on Mars rocks. The real Finnish expertise on Martian geology lies at the Unviersity of Oulu and a small planetary sciences group in the Dept. of Physics supervised by Dr. Jouko Raitala. I am member of that group (topics: geology of Venus and Mars) but since I’m about to change jobs and careers I won’t be at the university next year (starting a a software engineering company with some friends).
      However, we have a very fine young lady here working on her PhD on dating Martian surfaces using impact crater counting. Her name is Soile Kukkonen. She might be persuaded to be at e.g. a planetary exploration panel in Finncon although of course I cannot guarantee it. 🙂

      Here is a link to her extended abstract for the European Planetary Science Congress 2012: (with contact info).

      Best wishes,
      Terhi Törmänen
      Oulu, Finland

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