Spam, Spam, Spam

Since this blog went live in September 2006 (when I moved from Blogger to WordPress) I have had just over 12,000 comments posted, for which I think you all.

Since I installed Akismet in September 2010 it has caught over 50,000 items of comment spam. It roared past the 50,000 mark overnight thanks to 207 spam comments that came in while I was asleep.

Goodness only knows what really popular blogs have to deal with.

2 thoughts on “Spam, Spam, Spam

  1. Great to hear you’ve got tools to stop social spam. You’re exactly right: larger blogs and sites share your pain. Fortunately, there are real-time technologies (e.g. that can deploy across an enterprise to stop comment spam, profanity, fake registrations among other things put out there by the bad guys.

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