World Fantasy 2012 Memberships for Sale

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, no, I am not boycotting the event. I explained why I was unlikely to be at World Fantasy this year in this post. Kevin and I have held off selling our memberships because we had hopes of getting some clarity on the situation, but we’ve got to the point where we don’t think anything can be done in time and we need to back out of the convention. Consequently our memberships are for sale.

According to the convention membership page, memberships may only be re-sold “at the initial rate paid”. Right now I can’t find a receipt that will tell me how much we paid for our memberships, but I’m sure that it is substantially less than the CA$250 that is currently being charged as we bought very early. Also I can’t remember whether we bought banquet tickets. I’ll check with the convention and post an update when I know the price. In the meantime, first come, first served.

Update: And I’ve had two offers already. Twitter is very fast at times.